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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hey Friends..well its been a rough month for me. It all started at work about 4 weeks ago when the heat went out in our building at work. It was so freakin cold. It actually got to 40 degrees one day inside, so after that we all brought our space heaters from home to warm the building until they could get it fixed. Around the 2nd week of January I caught a cold. I felt awful but because my manager was on vacation that week I couldn't call in, I just toughed it out and drank my Dayquil and my hot tea. My daughter was to return back to college on Sunday the 17th and it would be a 2 1/2 hr drive to Atlanta for her flight back to Texas and there was no way I was up to that so I asked a friend to drive us there and back since I felt to bad. The trip down and back went good and I was happy my baby made it safely back to Houston. Not even 24 hrs later I woke up to feeling like I was going to die. I had chills, body aches, nausea, dizziness and I could not breathe good. I was so weak I could not even reach to answer the phone when it rung. My friend was in the livingroom watching tv and I couldn't even raise my voice loud enough to call for help. I laid there looking at the clock praying someone would please walk in my room to check on me. I honestly thought if it wasn't soon they would find me dead in my bed. After a couple hours she finally came in to see if I needed a drink or something to eat and I looked at her and said call 911. She said if your feeling that bad I can take you to the hospital but told her I can't move and I can barely breathe. She went to get a thermometer and saw my temp was 102..not good at all and then she called 911. In the few mins it took them to get here my temp rose to 104. I was rushed to the hospital and hooked up to all kinds of machines, turns out I had Pneumonia...long sigh...Well after spending my 36th birthday in the hospital, 2 days in ICU and 5 days in a reg room I am finally out trying to recover and get my strength back. I am so thankful to GOD for helping me through that and all my family and friends who prayed for me and visited me. I have no family where I live but my friends rallied and came to my aid. They even gave me a birthday party in my hospital room. I love each and every one of you..thank you thank you thank you..oh and on a hair note..My Sisterlocks held up fine except for the oxygen mask kept snagging them with the velcro..I finally asked them to find me one of those surgery caps so they can stop pulling my dang hair out lol..I will add pics of my ordeal at the bottom. I am on short term leave for another week..please continue to keep me in your prayers so I can fully recover. Thanks and stay blessed.