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Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Week Update

It's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I had my Sisterlocks installed. I am so loving my hair. My only issue is trying to keep my hands out of it and don't use any products right now. The only thing I really do is spritz. I was using only water until I read alot of lockers using eo's. So I did a bit of research and decided on 3 for right now. I just bought yesterday from Earthfare Market the peppermint, tea tree and rosemary. I am a bit confused on how many drops to use in my small spray bottle but I will just eye ball it and try it til I get the right combination. Peppermint is good to energize and relieve itchiness, tea tree is good for cleansing, clearing up and preventing infections and also dry scalp and rosemary is good for scalp circulation and hair growth. I do want to get a couple more like the ylang-ylang and lavender.

Right now I am just wearing my hair freestyle. I still have alot of permed ends that touches my shoulder and only 2 inches of hair that is sisterlocked I can do pony tails and such which makes styling a breeze. I kinda feel like I am cheating for not cutting it off right away but theres no rush..thats why it is called transition. I usually curl it with my lock loops or rod curlers but this week will just be free, just spritz and go. I did braid it over the weekend on friday and today is monday and I am still rocking the crinkle look. Will add pics showing the way I wear it later today when I get home. Slow at work so taking this time to do a lil blogging.

Seems my tendonitis is acting up today also..it comes and goes..wish it just goes. I have it in my left side which is bad..but good that its not my writing side. The doctor gave me a shot for it 2 weeks ago and had been fine til today, but I do have some pills for pain but left them at home...sighs. If anyone knows any natural remedies or things that could help please let me know, I really hate taking pills..the fewer the better.

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