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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Shampoo

This past Sunday made my 2 week mark being sl'd. I did my first wash at the end of first week and now I tried my second one. Well I braided and banded like I am suppose to, then I did the first lather with Dr Bronners Peppermint shampoo because I like it and it makes my scalp feel good then I followed up with the sl starter shampoo. The first time I ever washed it I used it straight from the bottle but someone told me next time dilute it first so thats what I did. I did notice my scalp looked white and I was able to use the tip of my nail to pick a lil hmm something so I washed one more time just to make sure I did a good job but it was still there. I then decided to wait after hair is dried to see if it is still visible. I unbanded and unbraided and seperated each section and noticed quite a few locs were bunched. I did a bit pf research on it and I think I did not braid it tight enough because it did not do it the first time.

In my last post I talked about my tendonitis acting up and so therefore last night I could not braid it like I did last week so I spent a minute trying to fix those, which I did..sighs. I spritzed my hair with my concotion of water, tea tree, rosemary and peppermint eo's and let it air dry. After hair was dry I did not see the white stuff on my scalp like when it was wet so not sure what that was but glad its gone. I curled my hair with my trusty lock loops..put on my bonnet and called it a night. This morning my curls were loose and fell nicely but after 2 hrs there was no curls and out popped the scrunchie for my pony at work. I had been using water and lotta body for hold but was worried about build up so opted for water alone which I see did not work or either I did not curl hair tight enough as I had been doing. I did want the loose look but the curls didn't last . Guess I will use the lotta body again unless there is something better for my hair someone can suggest since I have shoulder length permed hair and only 2 inches new growth that is sl'd.

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  1. Congratulations on joining the SL family and for the positive life changes which you are making in your life. I look forward to following your journey. Kittylocks X