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Friday, September 18, 2009

1 Month Anniversary...yeah :)

Hi fam..It has now been one month since I got my hair Sl'd. I must say I am even more in love with my hair than ever before. I so wish I had done this years ago, but there is a time for everything and now is my time. I get alot of questions and compliments on my hair. I say you think you like it now..just give me a few more months and you will love it even more. I am still just using simple hair styles..less is more I heard. I do my weekly braidouts. I really like them, I just put 2 braids in front and 2 in back before bed and in morning finger comb and clip up the top. I have to use my clip to hide my spot. I started thinning at the crown from years of wearing my trusty pony tail with the clip that pulled my hair out..Sighs..Pics below showing my 1 month look (1) on the way out to store (2) Closeup of my pony (3 & 4) After my first retightening..had a braid out I wore that day

Lots of things have happened in the past few weeks, not dealing with me but just in the world. First with the young runner who they thought was a boy. I feel so sad for her..to have the whole world know her business like that. Being a teen is hard enough but to now know that you have both is just unimaginable. I feel for her and her family for having to go through what should be private to now have the whole world looking at her. I pray she continues to be strong and make it through this. Ok now on to the idiot Kanye West. This man has some nerve to take his butt up there and do that to Taylor Swift. I could not imagine what was going on in his brain when he thought he was doing the right thing by doing that. He would have lost his mind (if he had one) if someone dared try to still his glory like that. I know his mother would be so hurt by what he did. May she rest in peace and not have seen the actions her son did that night.

Now on to Chris Brown. He is a very young man who lost his way. I have a 19 yr old daughter and would want to hurt someone if that abused my child, but as a forgiving person I have to forgive if I want to be forgiven. He has admitted his crime and now he has begun to get the help he needs to become a better person. I am happy things did work out and he has a 2nd chance at his life. I do hope he learned his lesson and also for Rhianna who should be a lil more careful when choosing a partner. Ladies and gentleman at the first sign of abuse one should get out and not stay. I am not saying you can't be with that person but not until they have received help for their problem.

Seems I have a bit to say today..Its been a week or so since my last posting. I did go to the Dr yesterday. My diabetes is a little bit better and my weight has not gone up which is great. I have lost 15 lbs since March of this year and I want to lose about 20 more. I am happy it did not go up and that is mainly because of eating better with only a few slips in between. Its not my fault we had a pot luck at work (actually it is..I started it lol) I eat oatmeal during the week at work..simple and filling and I love it, for lunch I usually have a turkey sandwich on whole ground wheat with mustard (hate mayo) with yogurt or sugar free jello or pudding and my Tropicana sugar free lemonade. Dinner is mostly a meat with veggies (love green ones) and small amount of carbs (which carbs are my favorite).

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  1. I'm just dropping by to show some luv
    since I'm not online that much. Your SL look nice, very Nice~

    Take Care~