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Friday, September 4, 2009

3 Day Weekend..Yeah!!

Hi all..well lets see..last night I braided my hair in a few plats..like when you wash it..I wanted to wear a braidout for Friday..since its casual day at work..so no need to curl hair. It came out nice. I just pulled top in a pony and had the back half loose. I swear I wish I would have done this so long ago. The styles are so easy, no fuss, just spritz and go. It will be 3 weeks on Sunday but I swear it does look a little bit plumper than when I first got them done. I know I wont see too much of a difference until about 3 months or so, will have to be patient I guess. Well I am off work now and ready to start my 3 day weekend..gotta love bank holidays. I haven't really made plans yet but Sunday is a special day for me. Me and my baby will celebrate 1 yr of knowing each other. It is not the day we became a couple but it is the day we met :) Will go out to dinner maybe..not sure yet but I will let you know what we do. Take care til next time..Have a safe but fun weekend.

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  1. Congrats to you on your first month with Sisterlocks! By the way, did you get a radar thing?