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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ok fam..this morning on my way to work I was listening to my usual morning talk show..Tom Joyner..Huggy Lowdown had just did his bit when I looked to my left and saw a cop. Dang (ok was the other word) I then looked to see how fast I was going and low and behold was doing 70..speed limit is 55. Looking through my rear view mirror I see him cross the grass median and turn his lights on (!@$%) So then I took foot off gas and slowed my but down as I watched him navigate through a few cars to come get me. Lights flashing I pull over to the side..stomach in knots..rolling down window as he walks over I say, " Good Morning Officer" with a smile. He says " license and insurance please". Handing him the stuff he said did I know its against the law to speed? I said, Sir I'm sorry I didn't think I was. He then say he will be right back. I pick up my cell and call job and tell them I will be a lil late because I was stopped by the state trooper and she asked was I speeding lol...well yeah but I won't tell him that and hung up. Then as I sat there watching people pass by looking at me wishing I had a radar detector. Not wishing I went slower but that I need one. Does anyone have one and do they really work? OK so back to story, he comes back with a paper in his hand and ask was I late for work. I said no..was just on my way there and listening to radio. He told me that going as fast as I was would be 4 points off my my license and my insurance would skyrocket..My heart sank face looked like a sad puppy dog..he then said slow it down and that he was going to only give me a written warning...Bless you, bless you, bless you I said and thank you. I proceeded to tell him how broke I am after just helping my daughter start her 2nd year of college and all those expenses. He smiled at me and said have a nice day..Taking a breath I thanked him again and off he went. There is a lesson here somewhere..don't speed, always be nice, tell the truth, pray, or get a radar detector. I think I will drive a bit slower now. Much love out there to our police officers..we all don't end up tasered and harrased.

Now for update on hair..I curled my hair last night first spritzing it with a lil water eo mixture then two strand twisting a few sections. I then used my trusty lock loops. I have my hair parted down middle in front and curl the sides..the back I wear clipped up with a small claw. Its easy, its fast and its cute..I am all about fuss free hair..lets just keep it moving. Usually on the weekends I wear it freestyle or a ponytail. I am really trying not to do too much to it as I have learned in the baby stages. I do spritz with water every day..I picked that up on someones blog (sorry can't remember who) I want these babies to swell..I have decided to wash every sunday. Does anyone think that is too much. I also was curling using Lotta Body setting lotion but was worried about build up..it did hold curls better but need more info on it since I am only 2 weeks into being locked. I have shoulder length permed hair so I have to do something with this until I can cut them off.
( Pictures Below - (1) Curled sides with part down middle back clipped up (2) Freestyle after curls have fell with small clip )

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  1. lovign the looks..they are stunning and so are you Ms. Karess. Keep posting! i cant wait to see full updates!